We don’t foresee any political solution in the near future, nor a political transition; the likely possibility is a flare up of the conflict. Still, a political settlement will be reached at a certain stage, which is why Syrian community forces must put forward their detailed visions on the political transition aspired for.

Having said that, we tried to answer the 29 questions, which UN Special Envoy to Syria, Mr. Staffan de Mistoura, handed to the opposition and regime delegations with reference to a negotiated “credible and reliable governance” called for in UNSC Resolution 2254. We have also added 11 new specific questions to cover any missing areas or details with a view to providing answers necessary for a clear and successful transitional phase.
Our objective is to put forward a fully integrated vision, alongside broad and detailed outlines, about the various political, regulatory, constitutional and legislative aspects of the political transition in Syria. The study was conducted by the Policy Studies Unit and the Legal Studies Unit of Harmoon Centre for Contemporary Studies. We hope it will trigger a debate among Syrians, benefit UN representatives and diplomats around the world, and serve the best interest of our country and people.
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